Hackley Library Book Signing

I had an amazing book signing in my hometown of Muskegon on November 26th 2016 at the Muskegon Hackley Library. The joy I felt as each and everyone in my hometown came to show me support as an author of my first children’s book left me speechless! My hometown is a small town but a supportive town, when you do great things and try to help others the people of Muskegon will come out and show you love and support! Can’t wait until my next event in Muskegon!


DST Literacy Cafe

Today at WMU my heart was filled with joy as I watched over 20 different authors set up displays of their books. As a new author the workshops, discussions and networking was just what I needed to help me to become a better author. This event was great in every way. I have hopes that this will be a annual event for all those that would like to become writers and those that want to share the skills and tools they have for the success of others! Another highlight was that I had over 18 book sales! Today was a good day!