Her passion is truly to help those around  her and she never stops seeking out ways to do that. She has volunteered tirelessly in her community and her hometown and can be counted on as a leader and role model, particularly for underrepresented communities.

She is currently  campaigning  to promote healthy lifestyles in the youth of Kalamazoo, Muskegon and Detroit by presenting workshops with community organizations and public schools. Her book, Arianna’s First Sk, was written ot address health and obesity concerns in her community.  She partners with a number of organizations in her efforts ­-Girls On The Run, Pretty Brown Girls, Jack and Jill of America, I’m So Worth It Empowerment Organization, Muskegon Public Schools, Kalamazoo Public Schools and Detroit Public Schools.  — Tenisia Davis

Passion to Serve her Community

Mrs. Dickason has provided countless hours of community service in the Muskegon community to address community needs with our sorority’s programs in five target areas:

  • Educational Enrichment
  • Health Promotion
  • Family Strengthening
  • Environmental Ownership
  • Global Impact

As a Muskegon, Michigan native, Mrs. Dickason has lived up to her promise of giving back to the community. During 2016, the Muskegon Community has shown an outpouring of support for Mrs. Dickason by attending book signings and inviting her as a motivational speaker to many of our local elementary schools to share the message of her book: Arianna’s First 5K 

Carla Laws

Motivational Speaker

I had Keshia Dickason at Hackley Public Library in November 2016 to share her wonderful book “Arianna’s First 5K” with children in the community and her very own built-in fan base.  It was a wonderful experience for all.  She read her book, gave pointers on being healthy and preparing for a 5k and even had the audience participate in stretches and exercises to help with running preparation.

On top of all that, she provided a goody bag which the participants thoroughly enjoyed.  Her program gave the children a positive experience and inspired them to seek out a healthy lifestyle.  – Cassandra Hamilton, Head Youth Services Librarian, Hackley Public Library

“Wonderful Experience for All” Public Library Presentation